E-commerce platform NIHAO CPH

Chinese tourists get welcomed by QR-code Wall in Copenhagen Airport. The wall is made in collaboration with Airmagine.


This summer the Chinese online media and E-commerce platform NIHAO CPH, is breaking down the barrier to Chinese tourists travelling to Copenhagen. This, with their QR-code wall displayed in Copenhagen Airport.

Each year more than 110,000 Chinese are arriving in Copenhagen Airport and passing by the luggage area. There, the QR-wall will be one of the first initial impressions of Copenhagen and Danish lifestyle that Chinese tourists will meet. This QR-code wall is displayed at the perfect spot to get the Chinese tourists attention when they just have arrived and are waiting for their luggage.

NIHAO CPH’s QR-code wall displays QR-codes and directs the consumer directly to the NIHAO CPH city guide, helping the tourists finding the best spots for shopping, dining, enjoying Copenhagen and Copenhagen Airport and to visit NIHAO CPH’s own shop on WeChat.

NIHAO CPH is a platform, which bridge the gap between awareness, sales and branding and is the perfect media platform to promote Nordic brands and Copenhagen towards Chinese tourists. NIHAO CPH give Chinese WeChat users the opportunity to be inspired and to purchase products right away.