Carlsberg’s Anniversary Begins In Copenhagen Airport

This year, Carlsberg celebrates their 170 year anniversary, and therefore they have teamed up with the National History Museum, Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek and Visit Carlsberg to give the many departing travelers in Copenhagen Airport a special welcome. The advertising agency Yellow is behind the project.

Airmagine Carlsberg Advertising
Luggage carousel 2 in Copenhagen Airport

As of 30 March, the area around the luggage carousel 2 in arrival has been transformed into a visual exhibition of the National History Museum, Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek and Visit Carlsberg’s sights.

The exhibition also highlights the Carlsberg Laboratory research, as well as the many other projects that receive funding from the Carlsberg Foundation, Ny Carlsberg Foundation, and the Tuborg Foundation every year.

The exhibition is under the heading and hashtag #itallcomesfrombeer, because it aims to show how Carlsberg is much more than beer. Furthermore, Carlsberg wishes to put focus on the many funds and research projects, which live from the support of Carlsberg.

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