Data: How We Document

The first year with Airmagine and the new digital commercials in CPH has been completely satisfactory. We have improved our campaign documentation and as predicted, we have experienced both sales related and technical challenges, but we can put it behind us and look forward.

campaign documentation
The precise campaign documentation is based on several sources

The most important improvement is our opportunity for precise campaign documentation. In this process, we use three overall sets of data: Sales estimates, execution data and realized data.

Sales estimates are made for 12 months in advance, and is based on historical data and technical projections from CPH. Execution data stems from actual monthly estimates from CPH, and is used to control the stock in order to target as precisely as possible. After the campaigns we compare realized data with the sales estimate to check for precision, which is delivered to the customer in a documentation report. In the first year, we have had plenty of stock, which has resulted in over-delivery on almost every campaign – due to the increased demand for our product we expect delivery to approach the sales estimate in 2016.