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Jesper Høyer Andersen


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Advision the software behind Airmagine

Airmagine now offers Advision , the software bind our digital advertisement concept, as a license product for airports doing their advertisement in-house.

Network Animation

Below you can watch our video about how we will expand our network

Your advantages of our exclusive digital media platform


Airport advertising has never been more intelligent. We use data from various data sources to ensure that Airmagine campaigns are distributed intelligently to reach the relevant travelers when affinities are highest. This means, that you as an advertiser or agency can purchase different target groups available suitable for your campaign.


Upon the delivery of your campaign, we provide a campaign documentation report based on monthly traffic data from CPH, and passenger surveys from the Danish research institute Wilke. Furthermore, we have the opportunity to provide a documentation video showing the commercial on the screens in the airport.

Unique exposure situation

Copenhagen Airport has experienced a steady growth of travelers in the past years, and with high levels of satisfaction among the guests in the airport, we ensure a positive and relaxed environment for you to meet your target audience: The guards are down, and both business and leisure travelers like to be met with relevant and interesting commercials on the digital screens.


Having digital screens equals flexible campaign handling. Change your campaign as often as you want in your campaign period, and enjoy our intelligent distribution engine, as it makes sure that your campaign is shown in the periods with highest affinity of your target group.


Why spend your money on imprecise Airport-campaigns, when you can buy intelligent distribution and documented contacts? In Airmagine, we provide next level Airport advertising, and the distribution ensures that the campaign is shown only when the target group is nearby. When they’re not, we show someone else’s campaign to make sure that we exploit the present audience. That’s cost-effectiveness in the Airmagine way.


Airmagine provides the opportunity for advertisers to purchase precise and sought-after target groups:

  • International, Danish or Nordic
  • Business or Leisure

And of course, you can purchase the combination of them all – simply named 'All'.

Exclusive surroundings

Copenhagen Airport Shopping Center is regarded to be among the most exclusive airport shopping centers in the world and was awarded Europe’s best shopping experience from 2008-2014. Furthermore, CPH was re-awarded The FAB Award for Europe’s best Airport Food & Beverage selection in 2017. In 2018 CPH was also awarded the ATRS award of excellence in the over 25 million passengers per year category. 

High dwelling time

On average, the travelers spend 110 minutes in the airport for departure, and 35 minutes for arrival: Take advantage of this dwell-time and meet the travelers with relevant messages.

Short time to market

Our digital screens show the commercials in full HD, and we encourage our advertisers to provide beautifully designed commercials fit for the exclusive surroundings. Furthermore, the digitisation of the screens makes them agile and quick to reach: Only 3 working days after your confirmed order, you can be visible to the thousands of travelers in CPH. You only need to deliver 2 different formats (portrait and landscape) and you are ready to run your campaign.

Call to action effect

Airmagine advertisers experience a high level of interest and engagement from the travelers in Copenhagen Airport. Combine your digital campaign with an exclusive promotion in the airport, and you will experience a proven synergy effect, which several advertisers have enjoyed repeatedly.